Search and Rescue working with parents of teens for over 20 years!
In Luke 15:4, Jesus poses a question to each one of us: "What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he loses one of them, does not leave the ninty-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one which is lost until he finds it?"
A family from Florida:
One of the most difficult decisions in a parent’s life is when you realize your child is in full rebellion, making bad life decisions and spiraling out of control.  Worse yet is the feeling that there is nothing you can do or say to help.  By the time our daughter was at this place we knew we needed help.  We also knew she would not go voluntarily.  So, we contacted Teen Transport Services, otherwise known as Search and Rescue, one Wednesday.

Christian Troubled Teen Restored Family
We knew that they typically came in the middle of the night to catch the teen unaware.  We were nervous about the process; mostly we were nervous about our daughter’s reaction.  Friday two chaplains from S&R arrived in our city.  We met with them and they put us at ease by answering ALL of our MANY questions.  We scheduled the time they would arrive at our home.  We were told to let them in as we left.  Why?  To quote one of the chaplains, “There is nothing you can say to make the teen feel better.  There is nothing she will say that she won’t regret.”  This meeting totally eased our minds.  They have done this so many times before and they knew all the things to do and say.  We felt we were totally putting her in God’s hands through these people.
Christian Teen, Juvenile, and Adolescent Intervention For Troubled Teen Transport and Escort Services
Christian Teen, Juvenile, and Adolescent Intervention For Troubled Teen Transport and Escort Services
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Saturday morning came and we received the call.  We rose, opened the door and left as the chaplains came in.  Before we were five miles down the road we received the call, “We have her in our car and are on our way to the airport.”  These chaplains kept us in the loop as they progressed to the destination.  By the time our daughter arrived at her destination they had talked her down by listening to her vent and had begun to gain her trust.
We are so grateful for this ministry.  Without it we would have had great difficulties getting our daughter to a place where she could get help.  Three weeks after they took her for help she has rededicated her life to Jesus, worked on her attitude, seen her rebellion for the sin that it is, and made great strides.  We would recommend S&R without ANY hesitation to anyone looking to get their child to a place for help.

Licensed and Ordained Chaplains Escort Troubled Teens and Juveniles Safely To Program, Boarding or Military Schools, Wilderness Programs

Testimonials From Parents Regarding Help For Their Troubled Teen Boy, Girl or Adolescent Requiring a Safe Escort Service to Transport Their Loved One.

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