Christian Teen, Juvenile, and Adolescent Intervention For Troubled Teen Transport and Escort Services for your Youth
The following components make up our Teen Transport Services:

  Verbal De-escalation & Intervention,
  Anger Management & Suicide Awareness

  Non-verbal Behavior, Personal Safety Techniques

  Willing & unwilling, Air & land transport strategies

  Safe Transport and Escort Services for At Risk Teens
Teen Transport Services Uses Commercial and Private Planes and Ground Transportation
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Search & Rescue's Teen Transport Team assists and specializes in transporting ”troubled teens” or “at-risk” youth in the transitional period from home to boarding schools, bootcamps, Christian drug rehabs, or program to program. Our licensed and ordained chaplains offer one of the most successful and complete Adolescent transport Intervention and Teen Crisis Prevention programs for Christian families with troubled loved ones.  Our Juvenile Transport Services are second to none!


Christian Youth Transport Services Helping Troubled Teens Worldwide.
Our vision is to reach multitudes of youths and their families, and to produce a remnant of people that will glorify Jesus in and through their lives. We want to assure that these youths become a blessing to their local Churches as well as their communities. From among these youths that we have reached, God will separate some for the work of the ministry. Because our society is no longer producing morally healthy children on a large scale, it is also our goal to establish a community of strong families, which is really what a Church should be. Eventually, neighboring Churches will catch on until the whole city is filled with strong, local Church bodies, thus creating a strong city. Strong clusters of cities won to Christ will inevitably restore a strong and mighty nation under GOD, which in turn can impact the whole world.
Restored Familly Relationships - Youth Transporting
Distant Self Harming At Risk Girl - Youth Transport

Christian Teen Transportation Services For Runaway Teens, Troubled Teens. Youth Transport To A Program or Boarding School You Choose.

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Christian Teen, Juvenile, and Adolescent Intervention For Troubled Teen Transport and Escort Services
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